Corporate Citizenship

Environmental Stewardship:
Herndon Properties understands that being a good custodian of the natural world is essential for any company in the 21st century. As a matter of principle, we recycle as much of our waste stream as current technology allows. This includes electronics, office products and even our furnishings. We purchase with our eye firmly on how an item will impact the environment went it has reached the end of its service life- which means due diligence down to the composition of the padding in our office chairs. It goes without saying that we hold our portfolio companies to the same exacting standards as our corporate headquarters.

If a project requires expansion of facilities or new construction, we take careful note of the impact on the surrounding natural environment. Our first preference is always the reuse of a currently developed parcel- this prevents the destruction of virgin wildlife habitat as well as preventing soil erosion and disturbing current runoff patterns. If circumstances dictate that a new parcel must be developed, Herndon takes every step to ensure that the amount of environmental disturbance is minimized.

At Herndon our goal is to create the most innovative companies of both today and the future. In order to achieve this, we need voices from every background that are not only present, but are heard. This is far more than a positive social stance, it's also very sound business practice. Every culture has its unique attributes, and a business ignores that at its peril. An inclusive team of both workers and managers is essential to providing the highest level of service to our end customers. We passionately believe that hearing the perspectives of all components of society make us a stronger organization.