Herndon Properties LLC.

Herndon Properties, LLC

Developing the next generation of American businesses

Herndon Properties, LLC is a business development company serving a broad section of the market. We invest in ideas that have the potential to disrupt or transform their industries, with the goal of being the first to market. Building a brand that becomes synonymous with the product or service relies on rapid and efficient execution coupled with the ability to scale exponentially once traction is gained in the field.

The examples of this from the last 30 years are numerous and impressive. You don't do an Internet search, you Google something. Shopping online? That's Amazon. Social media? Facebook. Ride sharing? Uber. In each of these cases there are competitors who have approximately equal technological capabilities, but they are far, far behind in market share and revenues because they were either second to market or couldn't scale as efficiently as their competition. In the modern marketplace, a huge customer base is the determiner of market value- even in the absence of profits.

Another truth of the modern business landscape is that brands are more powerful than ever. As traditional retail outlet disappear, consumers are no longer able to browse the aisles and see what product they fancy. In the digital world, consumers go to online retailer sites and search by specific product, which means they need to know about your brand well in advance. Herndon Properties seeks to build brands in this brave new world of influencers and social media. There is still plenty of room for traditional marketing techniques, but in the digital age the company that does more will be the ultimate winner.


Disruptive Businesses

Disruption for disruption's sake isn't a sustainable business plan. Blowing up an industry without a clear path to a better new way isn't helpful at all. At Herndon, we take a studied approach to our new ventures in this segment. We keep cautionary tales in mind as we craft our plans, we are, after all, looking to build valuable companies. .



Flyte is an app that matches last-minute fliers with deeply discounted, unsold airline seats. The concept is a win-win for both business travelers, the adventure seeking leisure traveler and the airlines themselves.


Brand Marketing

Branding has been around forever and has always been a vital part of selling a product. That said, today's retail landscape is more reliant on branding than ever before. The advent of the digital age has had numerous effects, some positive for producers and others less so. In the negative category is the proliferation of entertainment options available today.


Dominion Spirits

Dominion Spirits is a portfolio company which looks to build exceptional market share by joining the artisinal or craft spirits marketplace. Dominion Spirits is the umbrella group for several brands, each of which has a specific branding hook.